Honey Caramel Turtles

honey caramel turtlesThese turtles were inspired by the view out my window of Turtleback Mountain. The perfect companion to dark chocolate is caramel, but not just any caramel. These delicious morsels are made of rich handmade caramel with a mild honey flavor poured over toasted nuts and then dipped in bittersweet chocolate.

Turtle Flavors
Classic Turtles-Handmade honey caramel poured over toasted pecans and dipped in bittersweet chocolate. Mouth watering.
Snapping Turtles– The same honey caramel with a smoky chipotle chili bite and toasted pine nuts dipped in bittersweet chocolate. Look out- they bite back!
Assortments-You can get a mix of both flavors.
Truffles and Turtles– Sometimes you want it all. We understand!

Shelf life on turtles is 4-8 weeks. To insure or prolong shelf life they can be refrigerated or frozen if precautions are taken. Place the box in a freezer zip-lock bag or a Tupperware container. Thaw frozen chocolates in the bag in the refrigerator. Bring the chocolates to room temperature slowly in a cool room without taking them out of the bag to prevent condensation from forming on the chocolates. This could take about 4 hours. Room temperature chocolate is much more flavorful than cold chocolate!