Milk Chocolate Truffles

box of milk chocolate trufflesGift giving is made easy when you send Sweet Life truffles. Beautifully boxed chocolates bearing a gift card with your message are shipped priority mail to ensure freshness. Each center is carefully made from French or Belgian dark or milk chocolate, cream, butter, pure vanilla and other flavorings, then dipped in fine French bittersweet chocolate. You can order a single flavor or an assortment.
Milk Chocolate Flavors
Milk Chocolate– A creamy, higher percent (41%) milk chocolate for those that like it sweeter.
Chai– Milk Chocolate ganache infused with chai tea, aromatic with the essence of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.
Café Au Lait– Milk chocolate infused with espresso flavor.
Milk Chocolate Smokehouse Almond- This truffle has a complex flavor profile with a smoky Lapsang Souchong tea infused cream, milk chocolate, salted smoked almonds and a sprinkle of English smoked sea salt. Yes, they’re as good as they sound.
All Milk Assortment– Some of each of the milk chocolate flavors.
Milk and Dark Assortment– An assortment of milk and dark flavors.
As always, you can make a special request for flavors and I’ll do my best.

Shelf life on truffles is 4-6 weeks at cool room temperature. To insure or prolong shelf life they can be refrigerated or frozen if precautions are taken. Place the box in a freezer zip-lock bag or a Tupperware container. Thaw frozen chocolates in the bag in the refrigerator.  Once completely thawed, bring the chocolates to room temperature slowly in a cool room without taking them out of the bag to prevent condensation from forming on the chocolates. This could take about 4 hours. Room temperature chocolate is much more flavorful than cold chocolate.